Literary Agency and New Writers Representation

Written a book or a script or a treatment for a TV / Radio programme of any genre?
You've come to the right place because Felix Knight Ltd. are expanding as a literary agent and it is our great hope that we will find new and exciting writing and creative talent.

The success of this new venture will of course rest on the quality of the scripts, treatments and manuscripts we choose to represent. Furthermore we recognise that gifted writers can find it overwhelmingly frustrating in locating an agency which might take an interest in their work and so it is our intention to reach out to this new talent and offer them our help and expertise.

Dave Spikey will personally oversee this arm of the company. Dave is a highly accomplished scriptwriter. He co-wrote Mad for the A6, That Peter Kay Thing and Phoenix Nights 1 & 2 for Channel 4 and more recently has written Dead Man Weds for ITV1 and Magnolia for BBC1.

Our function as a Literary Agent will be :

  • To represent our writers and perform much of the solicitation and negotiation between writers and publishers and television / radio production companies. We have connections with a number of publishers and production companies already and have the professional edge to get through to more.
  • We will accept submissions from a large pool of writers and will review each manuscript, script or treatment to determine those most likely to succeed. The submission process of a literary agent works much like that of a publisher, and we will be just as quick to reject if the book, script or treatment is not promising.
  • If and when we discover talented writers with interesting manuscripts, scripts and treatments we will offer those writers our services by setting up contract proposals. The contracts are negotiated to determine what percentage of publisher advances and writer's royalties the agency will be paid.
  • We will want the writer's work to be as good as possible before submitting it therefore we may return the manuscript to the writer with editing requests. Dave may even offer to script edit the document or contribute ideas. We will then propose a list of potential publishers or production companies to the writer and discusses the submission requirements.
  • We will contact familiar publishers and production companies by phone or email before submitting the writer's work to get a feel for their level of interest. Once they agree to a submission and accept the work for publishing or production, we will negotiate the terms of an agreement. We will act as a full representative for the writer and if their work is successful, we will negotiate publicity activities, like book signings and media interviews and possibly even television and film rights. The agent supports the writer through the life cycle of the work.
  • For all our hard work we will agree with the writer a percentage of the writer's income from the work. Writers are typically paid an advance at first, and then royalties once the book or programme is on the market, filmed or recorded. The literary agent does not get paid (usually) until the work is sold, in which case we will earn a percentage of the royalties and a percentage of the advance.

We are sorry to say that at present we are running to capacity after being inundated by scripts, manuscripts and formats over the last few months. We sadly can't look at any more or take on any more writers at present because we simply wouldn't be able to devote the quality time and guidance to them that they deserve.

For more information please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Felix Knight Limited
Telephone: 07525 204254

Felix Knight Limited are Literary Agents for New Writers - Scripts, Manuscripts and Treatments for Publishing overseen by Scriptwriter, Book and Television Personality Dave Spikey