Artist Management

It is our strong belief that artistes be left alone in their own world of creation and art and should not be distracted by the tedious yet essential activities of self promotion, advertising, booking, accounting etc. In this way we endeavour to provide artistes both experienced and new with:-

  • A strong image and identity
  • An enhanced, finely tuned talent
  • A successful career

Felix Knight Ltd. have a wealth of experience in production and performance.
As Managers we provide:-

  • Handling of legal issues – contracts, insurance etc.
  • Assistance with performance development
  • Advice on image and styling: packaging and presentation
  • Support for the artiste on stage and the artiste on tour
  • Representation for the artiste dealing with press, agents, promoters and industry representatives

Which will result in:-

  • Peace of mind
  • Greater exposure
  • Better career management
  • Better economic returns

For more information please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Felix Knight Limited
Telephone: 07525 204254

Felix Knight Limited are UK Artist Management and Tour Managers for Artistes including the Representation of Dave Spikey