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Artist Management

Artist Management

Felix Knight Artist Management offers representation to artistes who have consistently impressed us or who have been recommended from other leading industry professionals.

We will manage all aspects of our artistes career development advising not only on business matters but also many of the creative decisions an artiste must make.

We represent and manage multi-award winning comedian / writer / presenter Dave Spikey.

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Literary Agency

Literary Agency

Felix Knight actively seeks scripts, manuscripts and ideas from talented individuals, writers, artists, companies and agents.

Our primary focus is original work from early career writers and creatives.

Submitted scripts, manuscripts and treatments are read thoroughly by our team of readers (including Dave Spikey).

Once read they are discussed at a monthly meeting where work is selected and/or writers we'd like to develop a relationship with are identified.

We are sorry to say that at present we are running to capacity after being inundated by scripts, manuscripts and formats over the last few months. We sadly can't look at any more or take on any more writers at present because we simply wouldn't be able to devote the quality time and guidance to them that they deserve.

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Dave Spikey Tour Dates

Tour Management

Recent Tour

A Funny Thing Happened ( I shot Derek Rigby )

This show was simply going to be called "I shot Derek Rigby" which Dave has freely admitted to; in fact this has never been in doubt - there were several witnesses - but (there's always a "but") he thought that might be a little too odd a title so, although he will talk about the shooting in some depth (Because, to be fair, it was funny to all present with the exception of Derek), he will concentrate on the many other funny things that happen all the time.

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